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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

Hello Me.  I am so looking forward to 2012.  This last year was really hard emotionally and by being so it has not help my health.  Starting tomorrow I will begin the 60 day Insanity workout and hopefully find the energy that has left my body.  Also, I'm beginning my life as a nutritarian!Yay! . . . kinda.  I know my body will miss the "goodies", I'm just hoping that it starts having results pretty quickly so it will be easier to continue.  I am looking to lose 20 pounds of heavy, weighing-me-down fat.  Looking forward to finding my strength, I know it should be around here somewhere.  Meal planning takes a lot of thought and time at this point, but I am looking forward to all the interesting things I prepare and I will share those here. . . .maybe I should make a vision board? . . . one day at a time. All I know at this point is that I am worth it.  :O)

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  1. Always remember that you are worth it! I will be right there with you making a lot of healthy changes in 2012.