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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Got some news . . .

I've been seeing doctors for the last 3 years (if not 4 years) to try and determine why I have gotten so run down.  The latest was a test of the adrenal glands and I heard today that my adrenal glands are stressed, but luckily not pushed to the limit.  This means they are working overtime and my body is producing more cortisol.  Yes, cortisol -this could be a major factor in my current weight gain and exhaustion.  I don't know who would be happy when they find out something is wrong, but I am because at least know I can put a finger on it, I can work in a direction.  I am so happy to have found this out!  Good for me! Sometimes you have to keep searching and searching and you can't give up.  My doc also had put me on Rhodiola and that, overtime, can balance the adrenals.  Also exercise is important and doing the Insanity workout is terrific! I also should get into a relaxation practice.  Should I go back to the tai chi? some type of breathing meditation perhaps? :O)